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We've been making the most versatile and functional iPad cases for healthcare and the medical field since the first iPad showed up in a clinic.

Other iPad cases may rotate, some of them have pockets and stands, but the Swivel ProFolio from Us+U was the first to combine all of these great features into a thin, lightweight, ultra-durable portfolio-style iPad case that's perfect for medical professionals working in hospitals and doctors offices, nurses working in home health care or pharmaceutical sales representatives out on the road.

The Swivel ProFolio rotates easily in your hand, never forcing you to relinquish control of the device when displaying sensitive medical information to patients, medical clients or healthcare customers.

Dr. Austin - Swivel ProFolio for iPad by Us Plus U (Us+U) from Us Plus U (Us+U) on Vimeo.

 The Swivel ProFolio's multi-angle stand holds your iPad at a convenient, comfortable angle for watching or sharing medical instructions, instructional videos or any of the other important healthcare information you deal with on a daily basis.

As a healthcare professional, you often need to take notes quickly. That's why every Swivel ProFolio comes with a convenient stylus holder so you can easily jot down notes, reminders and ideas.

The Swivel ProFolio uses only the best materials available. A soft microfiber forms the lining of the device carriage and the handle, making sure that your hand and your iPad only contact soft non-scratch surfaces. The exterior of the Swivel ProFolio is constructed of durable, stain- and fluid-resistant ballistic nylon, ensuring that your iPad case will work as many long hours as you do.

Before the iPad, working in the medical profession was slower, more complicated and maybe even a little less fun. The Swivel ProFolio gives you a durable, professional iPad case that lets you get the most out of such an amazing piece of healthcare technology.

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