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There are lots of demanding jobs out there, but few that require the love, dedication and downright versatility of being a teacher.

We put the same love, dedication and versatility into our Swivel ProFolio. While some other iPad cases rotate, some have pockets and others have stands, only the Swivel ProFolio from Us+U combines all of these great features into a thin, lightweight, ultra-durable portfolio-style iPad case that's perfect for elementary school classrooms, offsite tutoring, educational monitoring and special education environments.

Because the Swivel ProFolio rotates easily in one hand, you never have to relinquish control of the device to a student or parent until you want to. You're always in control and your iPad is always protected with the Swivel ProFolio.

When it's time to watch a video or work on a quiz problem together, the Swivel ProFolio's multi-angle stand holds your iPad at a convenient, comfortable angle for groups ranging from a couple of students to an entire classroom.

Finally, when it's time to jot down notes or draw a sketch on your iPad screen, every Swivel ProFolio comes with a convenient elastic loop to keep your favorite stylus within easy reach.

The Swivel ProFolio uses only the best materials available. A soft microfiber forms the lining of the device carriage and the handle, making sure that your hand and your iPad only contact soft non-scratch surfaces. The exterior of the Swivel ProFolio is constructed of durable, stain- and fluid-resistant ballistic nylon, ensuring that your iPad case will work as many long hours as you do.

It's fair to say that the iPad has already revolutionized education. With the Swivel ProFolio from Us+U, you get a durable, professional iPad case that lets you do your best work as the revolution continues.


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