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Our History

How did a tiny design firm in Chattanooga, TN make the most revolutionary iPad cases and mobile accessories on the market? Why did they make charitable giving a core value of the company? Who's in charge over there?

It all started in 2010. Like lots of people, we were crazy for the new Apple iPad. We loved the crisp, beautiful screen, the massive selection of apps, the simplicity and elegance of the hardware. Most of all, we loved how effortless the whole iPad experience was.

What we didn't love were the cases available for it. One might be a great iPad cover, but it was crap for typing e-mails. Another might be a decent for watching movies, but it was bulky and embarrassing to carry around. And there wasn't any case out there that could easily spin all the way around in both directions.

We searched and searched but could never find one iPad case to do everything we wanted. So we designed one ourselves. Several months and a gagillion prototypes later, we introduced the Swivel Pro. With its revolutionary patent-pending self-adjusting handle, it let you spin your Apple iPad a full 360° with just one hand. That made it great for sales presentations when you need one hand free, and it was the perfect iPad case for nurses and doctors who needed to display on-screen information without relinquishing control of the iPads themselves. When you don't need to rotate your screen, it's a durable, stylish, multi-function portfolio-style iPad cover.

The Swivel Pro was a hit, receiving a coveted Four Mice rating from Macworld, and eventually drawing interest from national retail chains like Target and Best Buy. The success of the original three-panel Swivel Pro led to the development of the thinner, lighter Swivel Pro 2-Panel, and most recently, the Swivel Profolio for iPad 2. Our research and development follows one simple measurement of quality: if we wouldn't buy this product for ourselves, our friends or our family, then it's not ready yet.

Because the iPad completely dominates the mobile computing landscape, our product line has thus far consisted exclusively of rotating iPad cases. With the established success of other tablet computers like Samsung's Galaxy Tab and e-readers like Amazon's Kindle, we find ourselves deep into the development of revolutionary accessories for an emerging spectrum of mobile devices.

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