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Chip Chick: Us+U Swivel ProFolio for iPad 2 & 3 Review

Remember the Colorware Grip for iPad, that case that's pretty much a shell for your iPad with a handle on one side for easy transport? Well, the US+U Swivel Pro is an iPad case that takes the concept to the next level. Instead of giving you a handle, you have a full grip on the back that you slide your hand into and hold the iPad in one place. If you need to switch from portrait to landscape mode, you don't need to change your handhold, simply rotate the iPad to the orientation you prefer and your hand stays put,..  - Read More

iPad Case Blog: UsPlusU Rotating iPad Case Review

Designed to solve a specific functional challenge: We wanted a case that we could hold with one hand, at any angle without restrictions. We designed the Swivel Pro to do just that. The first and only fully enclosed portfolio case with a 360º swivel handle. The case also includes a kickstand for the typing mode and a notch for the video angle. The Swivel Pro also has a pocket to hold miscellaneous papers/notes as well as a pen/stylus holder. The Swivel Pro comes with a one year warranty and uses a super soft suede on the inside to protect the..  - Read More

Slashgear: Revolutionary iPad Case also Benefits Charity

If you have an iPad, you may be in the market for a nice case to protect the tablet that looks good and works well. One of the things that worries me about my iPad is that even in a case I still fear the screen will hit something if I drop it. Moving from portrait to landscape is probably where most drops will happen. The US+U Swivel Pro takes the fear out of moving the iPad into different viewing modes while you are standing up. The case has a rotating handle on the back that you slip your hand..  - Read More

The World's Most Functional iPad Case.

Chattanooga, TN - (Virtual Press Office) - The new Swivel Pro™ from US+U can’t bring you coffee in the morning, but it can bring you a lot of features other cases don’t. One, it rotates 360 degrees in either direction. And two… three percent of every purchase goes to a charitable cause. And that’s just for starters. The Swivel Pro also has a flush-fit kickstand, which elevates your iPad for typing mode. You’ll find a wide grip notch that supports the fold-down panel for easy video viewing. Tucked inside the cover panel is the sure-grip handle, which lets users hold..  - Read More

Macworld: iPad case roundup 5: Rebooted

The Swivel Pro ($60) by US+U is billed as the world's first fully rotating iPad case you can hold in one hand. The imitation-leather case features a 360-degree rotating handle that lets you hold the iPad with one hand and rotate it to your ideal viewing angle. It also features a kickstand to angle your iPad for typing with an external keyboard, and even includes a pen holder and a pocket for notes.Original Article Here  - Read More

iLOUNGE: US+U Swivel Pro for iPad

What looks at first like a typical -- though unusually thick -- leather folio for the iPad turns out to be a somewhat more interesting design: US+U's Swivel Pro ($60) unfolds into three sections, one with a spot for papers, the center an iPad holder, and the last with a hand strap, folding backwards together to become a case with the ability to hold the iPad on your hand. The novelty here is the strap's 360-degree rotation, which enables you to hold the iPad in landscape, portrait, or diagonal orientations as you desire; there's also a kickstand that pops out..  - Read More

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